For the Love of Bacon

Definitely something I would eat for breakfast, no hesitations! Good fats, good protein and veges… What more do you need for a well balanced meal?


BACON!!!  ” You eat bacon”, they say. Of course, but not just any bacon.  I eat meat which comes from organically fed, no antibiotics or growth hormones-given animals and are well treated, fed with grass, hay, worms and bugs. Yes, like our ancestors used to eat.


So no thank you Maple leaf, you can keep your fake maple syrup flavored bacon. My health is worth much more than that.


I don’t buy my bacon at the supermarket. Actually I don’t shop at the super market at all. I support our local farmers like La Ferme Gaspor and our local butcher in the village behind Pagé Bread Shop. They are awesome! and so is their meat. My lord!


Looking forward to sharing more of my food recipes and knowledge with y’all!!!


Bon appétit!!!